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Ape Mann Adventure Park

Q1. How many adventure courses are there at Ape Mann?

A1. Two; The Low & High course + Monkey tree.

Q2. Is all equipment included in the price?

A2. All safety equipment is included up to 18 stones.

Q3. Can I get down from the Low course at any time?

A3. Yes, our safety team can help you down.

Q4. How many 5 to 8 year old's per adult are allowed?

A4. Up to 2 children per adult maximum.

Q5. Can I watch my children while on the Low course?

‚ÄčA5. Yes, we have observation paths to view all.

Q6. Can I pay by credit/debit card?

A6. Yes, as we now have electricity!

Q7. Are there toilet & drink facilities?

A7. Yes, we even have hot chocolate... mmmmm!